these prices are a guideling and may be different depending on the garment

Jackets and Coats, Suits

Jackets- starting from £399.00
Trousers- starting from £250.00
Waistcoats- starting from £210.00
2 piece suits- starting from £550.00
3 piece suits- starting from £650.00
2 piece dinner suits- starting from £750.00
3 piece dinner suits- starting from £950.00
Overcoats- starting from £450.00
fully canvas £550.00

Bridal Wear, Prom Dresses,Dresses

Wedding Dresses - starting from £599.00
Bridesmaid Dresses - starting from £299.00
Prom Dresses - starting from £299.00
Our Fits for "special occasions" - starting from £299.00
any design/new ideas (first samples) - starting from £299.00

For the convenience of our clients,we operate on an appointment basis (except in cases where orders are urgent). We allow our clients to schedule or re-schedule appointments at their own convenience. Our expert tailors will take your measurements and present the many different styles from which you can choose, helping you make the best choice for you!

We will draw patterns for your garment and a highly trained cutter will cut your fabric and hand them to our master Tailor/Dressmaker.

You will be invited to attend your first fitting for any necessary adjustments and a second fitting to allow us to finish the garment.

Best regards to all our clients,
Design And Alterations

  • Tala Abady