School uniform alteration

It is no secret that childrens clothing is as expensive as adults -sometimes more expensive! Since many schools now have restricted sizes that can only be ordered online it is difficult to get the perfect size for your son or daughter. Kids blazers are another story, but old clothes may simply need refitting to keep up with their growth.

With nineteen years experience as a specialist in school uniform alteration, you can bring your childs trousers, skirt, jacket or sports-wear for a complete makeover that will either save you buying anything new or make a new garment the perfect size. Every alteration is made to your specific requirements at a price you can afford.

The Process
1. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
2. Visit our studio
3. We will make the necessary measurements and do the alterations
4. Your school uniform is returned to fit properly with perfect comfort.

If you are worried about what you need to buy, please feel free to contact us for advice.
Some schools may recommend a tailor who can make alterations to items bought online but we can guide you from the beginning.
Most parents are on a budget and it is important that your child's needs are met quickly and easily, without any hidden costs.

The sooner you get school uniforms the easier (and often cheaper) it is.
Many schools have a strict uniform policy that specifies a certain supplier.
If you leave it to the last minute however, that supplier may run out of the size you need.
Not all schools care where the uniform comes from, as long as it fits their guidelines.
That is good because shopping outside the official uniform store is usually cheaper anyway.
Just remember that kids will grow... a lot!
Simple alterations like moving buttons, lengthening trousers or increasing a waistline can prolong the life of any uniform without the need to buy anything new.

  • Tala Abady